Curriculum And Approach.

DRIC consistently ranks among the very best Nigerian secondary schools in student satisfaction which is clear evidence of the quality of teaching and the quality of the overall educational experience one gains at DRIC.

Academic Excellence

The school operates a dual curriculum combining the British curriculum with that of its host country Nigeria, giving our students a competitive advantage over their peers.

Extracurricular Activities

We offer creative and applicable education as we develop and nurture world leaders and captains of industries. From excursions to National & International Trips and More.

Entrepreneurship Development

With the growing reliance on entrepreneurship, DRIC introduced a Centre For Skill Acquisition, rendering global standard Vocational courses to raise astute entrepreneurs.

Departments of study
  • Mathematics department
  • Science department
  • Language department
  • Arts department
  • Vocational department
  • Commercial department

A Love For Learning

At DRIC, we believe that every child’s life can be positively transformed by an inspirational teacher irrespective of the child’s physical, mental, and emotional background. We are particular about this virtue when we recruit and train our teachers. The passion, commitment, and kindness exhibited by our professional staff body, to our students, parents, and stakeholders explain why Divine Royal International College is now one of the highest-performing schools in Nigeria.

With the growing reliance on entrepreneurship, DRIC introduced Vocation Centre (Centre For Skill Acquisition ), rendering global standard Vocational courses to raise a generation of astute entrepreneurs.

English Language, Mathematics, Igbo Language, Basic Science, Basic Technology, Computer Education, French Language, Civic Education, Agriculture Science, Home Economics, Physical And Health Education, Cultural Creative Art, Christian Religious Knowledge, and Social Studies.

Core Subjects: English Language, Mathematics, Igbo Language, Civic Education, Computer Education.

Optional Subjects
> For Science: Biology, Physics, Chemistry, Further Mathematics, Agricultural Science.
> For Humanities: Christian Religious Studies, Literature In the English language, Economics. Government, History, French, Geography, Technology, Home Management/ Food and Nutrition, Trade & Entrepreneurship, Marketing. Animal Husbandry.

Educational Affiliations

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We pride ourselves on the strength and quality of our educational packages. Our Nigerian-British curriculum provides a trans-border comparative and competitive advantage for our students, re-emphasizing our mission to produce the total child in character and learning through the provision of qualitative formal education combined with the right Christian ethics and principles.