Summer Heritage International School

About US

Summer Heritage International School is a private Day and boarding secondary school situated east of the Nigeria. We are glad you could make it to our website today. From Background and history, to our drivers, keep scrolling through to get more information about us.

Our Origin

Our Vision

To restore academic excellence as well as the dignity of Man.

Our Mission

At Summer, we strive for Strong and Sound Educational foundation, where children can speak fluent English, stand out clearly among others, excel in internal and external exams, and be of great service in their country and worldwide.

Our Motto

To restore academic excellence At Summer, we are all about“commitment, descipline”and hardwork, we believe that weithout these three attributes, one cannot achieve greater heights, that is why we work hard to impart them in all our students. .

How it all started

Background & History

In the yester-years 1993, I floated a secondary commercial college when I had bagged my first degree. The wheel of education then was geared towards immediate benefits which lasted but for a short while. However, with the turn of events in this conterporary society, it became obvious, the phasing out of the commercial college for a more viable and purposeful education which fits in well with the recommendations of the then new policy in Education 6:3:3:4 system of education. Many a person had wondered the brain behind my action, and today it remained an unsolved riddle to others. The reasons are not far fetched. the new system of Education happens to be a leeway to the dream world ofa highly developed science and technology of this nation. Then it wasn't possible for the commercial college students to secure admission into an institution of higher learning except they had to go through the perils of writing external GC.E, examination whereas most of them were daunted from doing so. It is not just enough for aspiring students to stop nt obtaining R.S.A. Certificate for it is a waste of potentials and at the same time an abuse ofa purposeful education. Having weighed all the pros and cons on the check board with my beloved wife. we dauntlessly took a decision to contribute our own quota to effect a meaningful change in a system characterized by hopelessness and failure. So, we summoned the impetus for the establishment of "SUMMER INTERNATIONAL SCHOOLS". New vision is bom, the process design was achieved by enunciating the proper policies spurred by the objective and belief to offer the best. Knowing fully welltha our country Nigeria is enveloped in the craze for material wealth and acquisition to the extent that materialism has become both a culture and religion. Wealthy persons are hailed not minding the sources and manner the wealth was acquired whether through armed robbery. Kidnapping, ritual killing, hard drug peddling tilated contract's sums or stolen from public treasury. Moreover, our country Nigeria is in the era of multiple names and identities when we are not satisfied with answering names given to us by our parents but rather bask in the euphoria occasioned by multiple names often shouted and echoed in public gatherings Above all, this is an era when the consuming desire for power knows no bound as people commit murder and other crimes to assume or retain power. Nevertheless, however ugly and bad the situation may be, "THE SUMMER INTERNATIONAL SCHOOLS* project has proven beyond doubt that our situation can be remedied. During the years under review, the school has produced thousands of pupils who had passed through prestigious secondary schools in the country and many universities across the nation. These young men and women, as future leaders, would eventually contribute meaningfully to the development of our community and our nation. A close observation of the school reveals a cross-section of studious set of scholars and student and professional members of staff drawn from many parts of the federation. A gesture that made her stand conspicuous in the scale of preference. It's not being two sentimental any way, but a straight tree is the pride of the forest. Moreover, if I should address the issue of discipline in the school, since the inception of the school, there has not been any case of unrest, disobedience or insubordination among the junior students. Neither has there been a case of bullying on the part of the senior ones. Examination malpractice is a language unknown to this establishment and with a tenacity of purpose. There has not been a reported case of industrial action among the staff, nor a case of disregard to the management and the school authority. Those at the helm of affairs relate creditably with their subordinates and that has engendered a smooth flow of administration in the school. Our programme here is so designed that one has the opportunity of graduating from the Nursery unit to the primary unit and from the primary to the secondary section, so that upon one's graduation from our secondary school, such a one is already a compendium of literacy. Nothing so spectacular is ever achieved by a sudden flight except through a painstaking effort. I thank the Almighty God, the father of our Lord Jesus Christ for bringing Summer International Schools to the level we are now. And I pray that the further of the schools will contitue to be rosy. Amen. Chief E. C. Iwuamadi B.Sc. Hons (UNN) FI.M.A…