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Summer heritage international school.

Summer Heritage International School is a private day and boarding secondary school situated east of Nigeria. We are committed to developing the mindset of children in character and learning through the provision of qualitative formal education combined with the right Christian ethics and principles.

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Day & Boarding School

Barr. Mrs Iwuamadi Winifred

Welcome to Summer School!

In this twenty first century, it is absolutely an open secret that education in most African countries, most especially Nigeria; has degencrated into one sorry state. Those who we were supposed to be the true arms of this sector, have thrown their real cause to the wind, and are pursuing another agenda based solely on enriching their etemally deep pockets. Sequel to that what do we observe? A dilapidated threatened educational system, where the graduates are nothing more than half baked and can not hold a candle to their international counterparts. Our schools could no longer survive any condition seeker on the axion of living education on pure merit, rather they now find solace in a white certificate without tears" such is the cog on the wheel of education for a purpose. Look at the masses out there, like shadow dancers, roaming on the wilderness in search of the Golden Fleece. Little do they know how difficult it is to eke out a living from vacuum. We cannot properly harness our mineral deposit without the presence of a developed sense of reasoning and technological acumen offered by education. Hence we wallow in a devasting atmosphere of under-developed technology. Except a messiah come, the worst was to happen to this stream oflife we call education in our country. It was on the afore-going subject that my dear husband Chief E.C. Iwamadi having survived a great deal of whims and caprices became inspired and made manifest his love for the education of our youths. It was the above reasons that gave birth to the establishment of this great institution called SUMMER INTERNATIONAL SCHOOL..

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Academic Excellence

The school operates a dual curriculum combining the British curriculum with that of its host country Nigeria, giving our students a competitive advantage over their peers.

Extracurricular Activities

We offer creative and applicable education as we develop and nurture the physique and mental health. From excursions to National & International Trips and More.

Entrepreneurship Development

With the growing reliance on entrepreneurship, We introduced Seminars For Skill Acquisition, rendering global standard Vocational courses to raise astute entrepreneurs.


The Mission Statement of the school is to use teachings and research to solve national and International problems. In the process of learning, students will be taught the pragmatic approach to solve the problems around them,in State, and Nation wide.